News From Down Under
ISKA President Cory Schafer and ISKA Australia National Director Rob Murdoch are pleased to announce that 2017 will see an upswing in ISKA activity in the land down under.
Plans are already in place for an April 8th qualifying event to select official team members to compete at the 2017 ISKA World Amateur Kickboxing Championships to be held in Athens, Greece May 31st-June 3rd.  The current plan for the April 8th event, which will be in Queensland, is to include a professional regional title bout as well as an Australian national title bout as part of the festivities at this qualifying tournament.
2017 will also see the launch of a new ISKA Australia Combat Sports website and a reworking of the Australian professional rankings.  The plan also is for another title event to occur in June or July and then in November an Aussie will be featured fighting for an ISKA Professional world title against a suitable European, American or Asian opponent.
Jeff Bullock has been recruited to assist with these operational developments and ISKA has every confidence in his abilities to do so.  “Thanks to Mr. Murdoch, ISKA has both a sterling reputation and an infrastructure of directors and officials who are experienced and passionate about our sports” said Jeff.  “My hope is to contribute by finding ways to provide even more recognition and international opportunities for our Australian athletes and the many fine officials we have here at home.”

More about Rob Murdoch

IK takes a look at the trainers behind some of Australia’s greatest fighters.

What’s your background and how did you get involved in martial arts?

I’ve been involved in martial arts from the age of six, which includes judo, boxing, karate (Budokan), karate (Kyokushin), taekwondo (Ho Do Kwan), kung fu (Choy Le Fut), We started Heng Kuai Fighting Arts in 1976 as a full contact art that included head strikes.


When and why did you decide to start training fighters? 

In 1989 I became disillusioned to where I thought the martial arts community was heading, so I decided to put gloves on the students and compete in the ring.


What does it take to become a trainer?

I’m not too sure, there are good, bad, part time, full time and so many more variations and reasons, I really don’t know. But if you mean me, I don’t really know, I guess it has always been a natural part of my being.


What sort of relationship do you have with your champ?

The same as all my fighters, they are family, she just happens to be a little more special. She is always there for me, the gym and other fighters.


What sort of influence do you feel you have over your fighters?

I think I have different influences over different fighters, it depends on their needs, but they all leave their fight careers to my judgment.


How active are you in the process of accepting or declining opponents?

I am the only one that sets their fights, they are all happy to do their best no matter what or who I decide for them. It’s their call if they have to get time off work.


How do you pick your fighter up from a run of losses?

I don’t usually have to, there is such a strong supportive bond in our gym that whoever has a loss just wants to train harder and improve their skills. In your opinion,


What’s the worst thing a fighter can do in or out of the ring?

Be untruthful to themselves.


What makes a champ? 

You could write a book on that, but when it all boils down, in my opinion, an unending passion for the sport. What advice do you have for up and coming fighters?  Be regular at training and don’t be impatient, you will never stop learning.

More about Jeff Bullock

Jeff is a 4th Dan in Bushido & Goshin Ju –Jitsu gaining his 4th Dan in 1998. Jeff also practised Shotokan Karate gaining his 1st Dan in 1985, and was also an accomplished amateur boxer and coach. He began Kickboxing and Muay Thai in 1974 under Master Toddy and Master Steve Babbs, gaining his Kru status Under Master Toddy in 1978 and his kickboxing blackbelt under Master Babbs that same year. Currently Jeff holds top black belts under ISKA for Thai/kickboxing 6th Dan 2009 and Kakuto Karate Jitsu under the International Kakuto Combat Federation IKCF. Jeff is a former Muay Thai and Kickboxing British and European Champion but is far more proud of his achievements as a coach. Currently he has produced 5 World Champions, 5 European Champions, 69 British Champions, 8 QLD Champions and 7 Australian Champions and has only been running his Elite Gym in Australia for 3 years!


-6th Dan

– Thai Boxing

-4th Dan

– Ju-Jitsu

-1st Dan

– Karate

-Queensland and ISKA rep for MMA

-Former British and Euro Thai/Kick Boxing Champion

– 78 fights – 68 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses.

-Trained 3 world champions, 5 Euro champions, 1 Commonwealth and 69 British champions.